Title loans can be a great way to leverage the value that's in your paid off car and get access to cash for short term cash needs, unexpected bills or other emergencies.

  • What do I need to qualify for refinancing on my loan?

The vehicles equity needs to exceed the payoff amount owed based on our in-house calculations. Additional credit criteria will be determined upon approval.

  • If I qualify for refinancing, how does my old loan get paid off?

We will take care of coordinating the payoff between your old lender and ourselves. Your involvement is minimal.

  • Will I receive any paperwork from my original lender once they have been paid off?

This will depend on your old lender's policies, however we can provide you with a copy of anything your prior lender provided us.

  • Can I still get refinanced if my loan is not in good standing?

Yes, as long as there is still equity in your vehicle.

Pay Off Your Existing Loan

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Pay Off Your Existing Loan
  • Why is refinancing a good idea?

Refinancing can allow you to get a fresh start. Whether you are behind in payments or are unhappy with the service you were getting. We also have competitive rates without having to be locked into a several year contract. An additional benefit can be the availability of additional funds if your vehicle qualifies, much like a line of credit.

  • Can I borrow more money on my loan after I refinance?

Yes. If your equity exceeds the amount we are paying off, we can open up that additional equity for you.

  • When I refinance my title loan are you going to check my credit?

We never check your credit when obtaining a loan from us. Your vehicle is what we use to secure the refinancing of your loan.

  • Does the current condition of my car impact my ability to refinance my title loan?

Your vehicle is how you secured your loan in the first place. If something happens to your vehicle that drastically reduces its value, then your ability refinance could be impacted.

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